Pip gives you peace of mind by giving you a piece of her mind.
What is PipTalk

Sometimes a problem has not yet matured into a full blown conflict. This provides the opportunity for an intervention by Pip in order to avoid an escalation and to prevent a wedge in the relationship between the participants. Pip's methods can be effective in avoiding conflicts. She can teach you preventative measures in order to make future disputes a thing from the past. Pip is a "dealmaker" in this style of conflict resolution and focusses her efforts to actively and creatively explore solutions of the dispute. During PipTalk, Pip will frequently provide suggestions related to the content of the matter. Pip will often correct and supplement the arguments on both sides to cause the participants to freely make well-informed decisions, which can be based on Pip's advice and insight.


During this process Pip is result oriented and explores all venues to resolve the entire conflict. She uses a variety of techniques to close the gap between the goals of the participants. Pip will also comment on how she views the facts, on the applicability of the evidence and on the strengths and weaknesses of each side. Pip will offer alternative arguments to encourage the participants to make concessions. When this happens Pip is no longer exploring the best resolution but is purely looking for the best workable compromise for all participants. During this style of dispute resolution, Pip uses her education and experience to convince the parties to make concessions in order to reach a solution and end the conflict.

Why PipTalk

A strong argument for using PipTalk is that an inexperienced party or an insecure party will experience more support and won’t need to engage directly with the other side. Because the parties are separated from one another, Pip walks backs and forth between the parties’ respective offices, which results in the parties feeling free to tell their side of the story because the other side is not present. Another big advantage of this style of conflict resolution is that it is truly cost saving. Instead of a court case with expensive attorneys, experts and high litigation costs, this process is quick and relatively inexpensive. From the onset, the parties will set their parameters, explain how long the process may take and what they are planning to pay. If the parties contribute and cooperate they can expect a final resolution, because PipTalk practically guarantees an outcome, since it is outcome driven.

In this process, Pip is instrumental in leading the parties, she provides advice and shares her opinion with the parties. Just as with Mediation, participation in this process is only possibly after signing a confidentiality agreement. It is recommended to inform Pip in advance of the conflict, the content thereof and the key players and their role in the conflict by providing a Brief. This way, Pip can enter the process with as much knowledge as possible for an efficient start of the process. Pip’s “no-nonsense” approach is the result of many years of experience with alternative dispute resolution in the U.S.A. Pip’s goal is to introduce a process which will be professional, business oriented, efficient, cost saving and fair, resulting in a resolution of the conflict. Because sometimes we all need a PipTalk.

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